Our private label and contract manufacturing services include Product Development, Design, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Compounding, Blending, Filling, Packaging, and Quality Control. We have continually invested in our manufacturing capabilities to remain an efficient, low-cost producer for our clients. We are committed to remaining a flexible manufacturing partner for our clients so that we can service a range of run sizes and requirements. Finally, we constantly analyze point of sale data across multiple product categories and classes of trade so that our clients can capitalize on new trends and changing consumer tastes. 

Product Development and Design

Davion has invested heavily in its Product Development and Design capabilities in an effort to allow our clients to keep pace with the constantly shifting personal care landscape. Our experienced Chemists are capable of developing unique product formulations in personal care and topical OTC categories. Additionally, Davion has its own in-house design professionals to help our clients quickly turn concepts into product lines.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Davion’s Procurement and Supply Chain team are able to support a client’s specific inventory needs. Moreover, Davion is able to leverage our existing supplier relationships to achieve the best possible pricing, quality, and responsiveness for our clients.

Compounding, Blending, Filling, and Packaging

Our manufacturing and batching equipment have the ability to blend and fill liquids, powders, and flammables. Our packaging lines can fill a range of sizes, from one ounce to half gallons, in a variety of packaging formats including tubes, jars, packets, and plastic bottles. 

Quality Control

Davion’s Quality Control department aims to constantly improve its quality system as well as ensure that existing procedures are being followed through both internal as well as 3rd party audits on a frequent basis. We have a full, on-site lab which tests incoming raw materials, packaging components, and finished products. For each product lot, Davion ensures that it conforms to pre-determined specifications across a range of metrics as well as ensures that our active ingredient levels meet label claim for our OTC products. In addition, Davion performs microbiological testing on each lot to ensure that all of its products are free from objectionable microorganisms.